Anil Duran’s use of automatism is reminiscent and comparable to the works of abstract expressionists like Jackson Pollock, surrealists like Max Ernst, and Dadaists such as Kurt Schwitters. Through the sheer scale of his artwork, the large, chunky, sweeping brushstrokes, kinetic composition, and use of collaged found objects, Duran projects raw emotional turmoil onto canvases. Instead of pre-planning components and subject matter, he lets them unfold through acting on his predilection and whims. The paintings are striking, intended to overwhelm with their use of bold, blunt use of primary colors, black, and negative space. Built upon artistic methods such as bricolage and action painting, they reveal the artist’s turbulent subconscious state of mind. His psychology is laid bare through the primal, strained use of paint and materials, showing autobiographical aspects. The brushstrokes and movement are thick, tactile, and animalistic. Anarchic and disorderly, the “thrown-together” nature of the artworks is indexical of the artist’s every movement and impulse, from the hollowsart Hollows strain of his body to the collection/binding of objects. Duran’s practices border on shamanistic, automatically projecting his inner self into the paintings. While for the most part abstract, this allows for vaguely figurative flourishes, suggesting eyes, houses, cities, and silhouettes. Each painting features an extreme, uncensored sort of physicality, which functions as an individual narrative visualizing the artist’s actions and mindset.

Gina Mischianti
The Hollows Gallery


At first glance, Duran’s images are explosive and arresting. A feeling of enlightenment descends upon the viewer. Staring straight into the headlights of brilliance, each piece pulsates, taking you on a journey that leaves you on the edge of some great epiphany or discovery. Through the use of mixed media gathered from around the world Duran’s compositions- while unplanned- appear to be preordained. Like an impatient horse stomping its hooves, his figurative works demand acknowledgement. With their penetrating, unwavering, unyielding gaze the figures leave the viewer transfixed.

Julianne Yates
Heist Gallery