Anil Duran is Brooklyn based abstract visual artist. At first glance, Duran’s images are explosive and arresting. A feeling of enlightenment descends upon the viewer. Staring straight into the headlights of brilliance, each piece pulsates, taking you on a journey that leaves you on the edge of some great epiphany or discovery. Through the use of mixed media gathered from around the world Duran’s compositions- while unplanned- appear to be preordained. Like an impatient horse stomping its hooves, his figurative works demand acknowledgement. With their penetrating, unwavering, unyielding gaze the figures leave the viewer transfixed.

Julianne Yates
Founder - Curator, Founder at Heist Gallery



1999   I   Group Show - TRIALS - Hayal Gallery  I  Izmir / TURKEY

2004   I   Group Show - POSTER - Mimar Sinan Exhibition Room  I  Istanbul / TURKEY

2004   I   Group Show - POSTER - AD Creators Institution  I  Istanbul / TURKEY

2008   I   Group Show - PLEIN AIR NATIONAL ART SHOW I - Szeged Gallery  I  Szeged / HUNGARY

2008   I   Group Show - PLEIN AIR NATIONAL ART SHOW II - Joseph Atilla University Gallery  I  HUNGARY

2008   I   Group Show - VIDEO PERFORMANCE - Kargart Gallery  I  Istanbul / TURKEY

2008   I   Group Show - 000000000/10 - Gallery DaralanI  Istanbul / TURKEY

2009   I   Group Show - 20th CENTURY - Gallery Csongrad  I  Csongrad / HUNGARY

2009   I   Personal Show - WHILE I WAS BREATHING HERE - Hyde Street Gallery  I  San Francisco / USA

2009   I   Personal Show - GAME 'AGAINST THE LIGHT' - The Marmara Manhattan Gallery  I  New York / USA

2010   I   Group Show - SO MUCH BURNING - Gallery Heist  I  San Francisco / USA

2014   I   Independent Curators INTL group show DO IT - Agnes b.  I  New York / USA